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General information

Online Ordering

Advantages: Easiest to do, least time for you. Shipping charges are automatically calculated online and and your card is charged when you place your order.  Shipping costs for online orders are approximately in line with shipping costs below.  We welcome Visa, MC, Discover or AMEX. Note: 15% charge to cancel an order made online.

Ordering by Mail, Fax or Phone.

Advantages: Defer payment, if desired, until Fall shipping time. Also, get exact cost shipping, calculated at weigh in, or, if applicable, the economy of Priority Mail flat rate boxes.  Please use Visa, MC or Discover for this personalized service. If yours is a large order or bulky package of tree peonies, two charges may be made to your card: One for roots before shipping. Second, for exact cost shipping after weigh in. Letting us charge your card twice...once for the plants, once for shipping...give us the flexibility we need to keep your shipping rates as low as we can

Although the U.S. Post Office doesn't offer any flat rate boxes big enough for our tree peonies, it does offer two flat rate boxes that can be used for shipping herbaceous (bush) peonies. The smaller box is $11.35 and can hold 1-3 peonies.  The larger one can hold 4-8  peonies and costs $16.85.  If you're confused about all this, give Don a call 1-800-668-9690.  He'll help you figure it out in jiffy.  Remember, we're on Pacific Standard Time...7 AM your time might mean 4 AM our time.  Tip:  Don't even think about squishing more peonies in a box than it can comfortably hold.  

Shipping Rates via U.S. Priority Mail 

        Planting Directions and Care Sheet Enclosed


Other Carriers

Shipping costs by any other carrier, and foreign shipping, is determined at weigh in for exact cost.

For Mail or Fax Orders, download this Order Form.

You can fill out this form while you have it up on your own screen and then download. Or you can print out the order form and fill in the blanks with a ball point pen. To leave order form and return to website, double click ulr for www.adpeonies.com at the top of the order form, above your name.

Download and print PDF form

Stock And Guarantee

A&D Nursery is responsible for sending you generous divisions of healthy plants that are very much alive and true to name, but we’re not responsible for any plants lost due to weather or climate, or neglect of any kind. Sometimes first year peony blooms don’t look like the picture, in which case, you need a little patience. Color and flower shape improve once the plant has had a chance to grow new roots the first year. But when a red shows up that should have been white, don’t hesitate to call. We regret any inconvenience, but occasionally, as hard as we try to avoid them, mix-ups do occur.

As we’ve stated, we send the most generous roots we can. Be aware, however, that size of a root doesn’t mean the plant will huge next spring. Some peonies produce big roots, some smaller roots. Bigger doesn’t mean higher quality. Nor does it mean blooms the first year. Some peonies will have them, many won’t.

Privacy Policy and Returns:  A & D Nursery never shares or sells any customer information.  For a full refund, returns may be made within 48 hours after roots are received if for any reason you are unhappy with them.  Retain original packing material and make sure plants have adequate moisture for their trip back.