Tree Peonies

Not trees, but shrubs with woody stems.

When mature they are nothing short of breathtaking in coloration and size.  But temper expectations with cultural realities, like the weather and the time it takes for a tree peony to grow good roots. We start you off with quality stock, often multi-branched or with thick stems indicating many years of growth. Other varieties might be available at the nursery. 

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Age of Gold (Saunders)
Age of Gold
Fluffy golden yellow semi- double flowers, from medium to large in size, are held just above the foliage; the blooms have a small red flare in the center; one of the easiest and hardiest tree peonies; has an advanticious growth habit, so division is easy. $75.00 SOLD OUT

Alice Harding (Japan)
Alice Harding
Luscious bright yellow double blooms have a faint tint of reddish brown at the base of the petals and sometimes on the petal edges; also known as 'Kinko'; large blooms slightly hang downward; among the last tree peonies to bloom. $65.00

Anna Marie (Seidl)
Anna Marie
Large lavender with purple flares, picked by the hyrbridizer for its excellent color; vigorous grower gets to 5 ft. tall (so far);green carpels and stigmas are surrounded by golden stamens. $89.00 SOLD OUT

Argonaut (Daphnis)
Flower is a pale pink with a skinny picotee edge of maroon; promiment flares also maroon; white carpels are surrounded by golden stamens; plant height 3 to 4 ft. $95.00 SOLD OUT

Black Panther (Saunders)
Black Panther
Tall plant to 5 feet with distinctive fine cutleaf foliage and medium size, semi-double black-maroon blooms; vigorous grower and profuse bloomer. $90.00 SOLD OUT

Daedalus (F)(M)(Daphnis)
Large dark shiny red burgundy semi-double with two rows of ruffled, fluted petals, highly contrasting bright yellow anthers with pollen in the center; the quality petals are like heavy silk; strong stems carry 1 flower each; height reaches 4 ft. 3 to 11 inches; vigorous and reliable. $98.00 SOLD OUT

Gauguin (Daphnis)
A palate of warm rose, yellow and red shades distinquish these single blossoms; heavy substance petals open in midseason and are carried over the dark green foliage; to 44" tall and a prolific bloomer. If you want stems intact, please call in your order. 1-800-668-9690. $100.00 SOLD OUT

Godaishu (M)(Japan) High Priest of the Garden
Large semi-double of pure white held well above the foliage; flaring petals curve gracefully around the center of yellow stamens forming a brilliant globe; an ancient tree peony that blooms profusely; 6 yr. stock. $76.00 SOLD OUT

Guardian of the Monastery (Gratwick)
Guardian of the Monastery
Very large frilly flower with short deep purple flares; the color is a blend of ivory, lavender and pink; vigorous in any weather. $95.00 SOLD OUT

Hana Kisoi (F)(M)(Japan) Floral Rivalry
Hana Kisoi
A brilliant shade of light pearlescent pink that deepens at the base of the petals; as the large semi-double flowers open, the pink lightens at the petal edges; one of the best; 6 yr. old specimens, heights to 5 ft. plus. $95.00 SOLD OUT

Happy Days (M)(Saunders)
Happy Days
A lovely variety from Professor Saunders group of hybrids that resemble tea roses; this is said to be one of the most appealing, a blend of creamy gold, pink, ivory and rose; generally the appearance is butter yellow, but look again and see the infusion of its gorgeous tints; 6 yr. old stock; height 4 ft. or more. $78.00 SOLD OUT
Hephestos (F)(M)(Daphnis)
Spectacular dark scarlet red semi-double with a slightly crinkled and velvety texture; large blooms stand well above the light green foliage; reliable bloomer; in Greek mythology Hephestos was the god of fire; divisions from well established plants. $110.00 SOLD OUT
Hesperus (Saunders)
A large dusty rose pink single flower with pale yellow undertones and deep rose veins; crinkled petals add texture; height from 3 to 5 feet with a spread from 3 to 4 feet, very hardy; large divisions from mature plant. $95.00

Hoki (Japan)
One of the more vigorous bright reds; full, almost double flowers with a small center of golden yellow stamens surrounding bright red stigmas; blooms mid season; medium size, both blooms and plant height; divisions from older plants. $87.00 SOLD OUT

Iphigenia (Daphnis)
One of the most dramatic tree peonies in our gardens; large deep red single with two rows of rounded petals surround a center of dark glossy black maroon flares; floriferous; 38" tall. $100.00 SOLD OUT

Joseph Rock (Rocks)
Joseph Rock
Legendary tree peony originating from seeds gather by Joseph Rocks some 00 years ago in Tibet; very fragrant, large single to semi-double flower of bright white with with richly contrasting dark purple flares; golden stamens surround pale green carpets with white stigmas; can reach 12 feet by at least that wide; extremely vigorous. $130.00 SOLD OUT

Kirintsukasa (Japan)
Broad pink petals with a slightly purple tint comprise these huge, billowy blossoms with reddish-purple carpels; rare and choice. $85.00 SOLD OUT

Kronos (L)(Daphnis)
Dark deep red double flower with a black-blue overcast; large semi-double flowers are slightly pendulous; vigorous bloomer; magnificent in every aspect; named after the god of time; divisions from field grown plants. If you want stems intact, please call in your order. $110.00

lutea ludlowii (M)(Species China)
lutea ludlowii
Bright buttercup yellow single flowers about 3 inches wide; the shrub can reach 9 ft. high by 10 ft. wide; divisions from mature plants; huge stands of this peony are in the Seattle Arboretum and worth a visit in early May; for mild winter climates only. $55.00 SOLD OUT
Marie Laurencin (M)(Daphnis)
Marie Laurencin
Semi double flowers of bright lavender pink that goes a touch deeper at the center; the petals are symmetrical presenting a flower of perfect form; all the flowers are held high above the glossy green foliage so you can see all of them at a glance; a heavy bloomer presenting a delightful stance in the border; 30" or more. $65.00
Redon (L)(Daphnis)
Redon is unusual in that each plant bears flowers of two distinct colors--some will be pale pink suffused with cream and yellow, while others will be peach; a rare plant and one of the largest tree peony flowers averaging about 10 inches, carried well above a short plant about 30 inches; in our experience the blooms are moderately pendulant and excessivly gorgeous; a few divisions from mature plants. $165.00 SOLD OUT

Right Royal (Saunders)
Right Royal
Semi-double to double flower formed by symetrical petals; creamy yellow base overlaid and edged with rose pink and featuring deeper pink flares at the base of petals; generally reddish in appearance; blooms about 5 inches; plant about 36" tall. $95.00 SOLD OUT

Shimane Chojuraku (Long Life) (M)(Japan)
Shimane Chojuraku (Long Life)
Large brilliant lavender lilac semi-double with almost black flares that highlight the petal base; vigorous upright growing plant; reliable bloomer; field grown stock. $88.00 SOLD OUT

Souvenir de Maxime Cornu (Louis Henry)(aka Kinkaku)
Souvenir de Maxime Cornu
Bright, yellow blooms tinted with red and oranges hues and edges; bluish green foliage; the blooms are naturally pendulant (hanging), and not just because the flowers are huge and fully double; mild, pleasant fragrance. $75.00 SOLD OUT

Teni (Japan)
Large soft pink double blooms billowing with wide ruffled petals; blush on opening takes a while to fades to white brillianc; deep burgundy cluster of carpels in the center is in striking contrast; medium height plant with flowers from 8 to 10 inches. Plant stems, which are 3 to 4 ft. tall, will be cut back for shipping. If you wish stems intact, please call in your order. 1-800-668-9690 $65.00 SOLD OUT

Tessera (Daphnis)
A vibrant, rare coral orange blend with deep raspberry flares; 4 ft. or more in height; hefty field grown specimens. If you want stems intact, please call in your order. 1-800-668-9690. $110.00 SOLD OUT

Toichi Ruby (F)(E)(Toichi Domoto)
Toichi Ruby
Ruby red rose with an excellent amount of bloom; well-formed bush with semi-double to double flowers held upright over the foliage. Reliable, with pollen, seeds and stamens, also fragrant. 48" in height; 6 yrs. plus. $68.00 SOLD OUT
Tria (F)(E through L)(Daphnis)
One of the earliest to open, a large bright single yellow that gives a longer bloom than any other tree peony; dense foliage and stems, and, when well established, laden with mildy fragrant blooms; 36 inches or more; hefty divisions from large plants. If you want stems intact, please call in your order. 1-800-668-9690. $75.00 STILL AVAILABLE

Vesuvian (Saunders)
Deep maroon semi-double to double with purple undertones; furled and fringed petals; medium size flowers; rounded and bushy plant with narrow petals; vigorous habit, height about 36"; divisions from mature plants, $75.00

Yachiotsubaki (Japan)
Bright coral pink semi-double; medium-size flower; young growth has distinctive bronze foliage; the narrow leaflets add to its attractiveness; strong grower $75.00 SOLD OUT

Yagumo (Japan)
Rich purple double with layered petals that radiate from the center in a whirl; outer petals rimmed with ivory white; medium size, both blooms and height. Slow growing. Field grown stock. $78.00 SOLD OUT

Zephyrus (Dapnis)
Pale and pearly lavender beige pink semi-double with deep maroon flares; very large well formed flower of heavy substance; plant height to about 36". $90.00 SOLD OUT